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The urban dweller needs a place that caters to his immediate needs, that satisfies his little addictions. It doesn't need to be fancy; it just needs to always be there and to always be open.

The kiosk provides all this. It is the city organism's smallest provisioning cell. The vendors operate from inside the kiosk. Through the window that separates them from their customers, they can see the outside world only in fragments. This photo and video installation captures the kiosk owners' fragmentary perspectives and displays them as urban cut-outs. The world of the kiosk takes centre stage and draws attention to an important feature of the urban environment.

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Graphic by Matthias Dannel

Soundtrack by Soundartist Nathalie Bruys

Sponsored by: Berliner Botschaft , Sonycenter Berlin, Artefakt


Berliner Zeitung

Berliner Morgenpost

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